Ant-Man Out Now!


Ant-Man flew in swiftly exceeding all expectations and scurried out leaving you wanting more. Paul Rudd was fantastically cast as Scott Lang taking the infamous suit from equally well cast Michael Douglas as Hank Pym. Yes unfortunately it is yet another origin, spoon feeding our audience what we don’t really need to know however with comedic timing and ludicrous action, Ant-Man brings some originality to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

 Although Ant-Man is a guy that can shrink himself to the size of an ant, it is much more grounded than your typical Avengers movie. Whilst an unstable man with a deadly weapon on the brink of a breakthrough may be destructive to the world, the tone of the film doesn’t bring much peril to our hearts. Everything is building up with a lot of reference and acknowledgement to The Avengers, they make it obvious how Lang will fit into the team. There are no ifs or maybes, when the plot is obvious to the audience the film acknowledges it also with added humour, so we’re not thinking it’s so dumb after all.

 Despite all the set up and the fact that it feels like Marvel are basically making a showcase for what is to come (that’s what Age of Ultron was for sure) the film still stands alone as a fun action hero movie. You can tell Edgar Wright (Sean of The Dead, Scott Pilgrim) had a lot of input into the screenplay with the dialogue and humour, It would have been interesting to see how different it may have turned out if he continued on to direct the film. Peyton Reed has had his own experience directing comedy which makes Ant-Man feel more like the comic-relief of superheroes, well that and I guess the fact that they cast rom-com king Paul Rudd as the leading man.

 There doesn’t seem to be that much point telling you to go check this out, If your following the Marvel Cinematic Universe then this is a must on your list. If your not following it, you may still in enjoy it as a stand alone superhero film but bare in mind you may not get all the references. Marvel is selling itself these days, so be a part of it, it’s a conversation starter if nothing else.

Director: Peyton Reed

Writer(s): Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish

Starring: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly