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Review of “The Other Me” by Saskia Sarginson

the other me

This is not a novel to pick up when you only have a spare few minutes as you will want to continue reading… I won’t put any spoilers here although that makes the review harder as much of the twists in the story and the many red herrings lead seamlessly to the denouement. The writing is beautiful and sometimes poetic “the soap is riddled with cracks like parched mud”. It’s the word parched there that tells me Ms Sarginson has spent time honing her language – it would have been so much easier to use dried.

Klaudia/Eliza is likeable but infuriating and the childhood scenes of trying to fit in are wonderfully real – oh the embarrassing things parents can do! The “minor” characters are well developed and I particularly liked Scarlett with her tough vulnerability.

The plot is complex and the pace moves at varied speed – I did feel it was a bit slow sometimes but I accept that was a vehicle to manage the character development while allowing the reveals to be controlled.

This book is well written, well plotted with some really well drawn characters and I recommend you pick it up when you have a few hours spare to curl up in a comfy chair with a coffee but this isn’t a cosy read by any means!