Your Christmas Jumper fix!

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As a seasoned style blogger, blogging about the best Christmas jumpers feels lightly ironic if you catch my drift!!! But no, before you jump to conclusions…. (yes, I hear you say, how can anyone write a style blog about Christmas jumpers?!?) I have managed to find some totally fabulous festive knitwear to carry you stylishly right through the holiday season. for you, I have sparkle…. mistletoe…. robins…. reindeer… stars…fun and Christmas cheer! Who says Christmas jumpers can’t be stylish? Enjoy!?

Our trusty friend the robin… but sparkly!
Oasis, £40

I’m obsessed with the current star trend and this just cements it for me!!! Stunning sparkly offering from the fabulous Oasis, £42

A beautiful shade of red with gorgeous sparkly heart detail from Quiz, £19.99

Well…. that’s that then!!!!!
Label lab at House of Fraser, £35

Love these lips!!!!!
Label lab at House of Fraser
Black Drama, £35

Rudolf we love you!!!!
Next, £26

Careful who you stand next to in this fab navy top!
Next, £26

Well, your idea of good may be quite different!!!

Soft blush pink and gorgeous deer!!!
Next, £26

Crocheted Pom Pom style at Zara, £39.99

For all the crazy cat ladies out there – meow!
H&M, £17.99

Pure cashmere and rather pricey, but oh soooooo soft and cosy!!!
M&S, £109

Rudolf the red nosed… yellow nosed… pink nosed…green nosed…. reindeer!!!
M&S, £29.50

Its Christmas squirrel love!!!
M&S, £29.50

Merry and sparkly at M&S, £29.50

Beautiful Christmassy red at M&S, £29.50