Christmas Eden Hacks


Don’t break your baubles

This month, we’ve got a bumper edition of Life Hacks that are sure to make your Christmas preparation easier than ever.

Don’t waste your wrap.

This simple hack helps you keep your wrapping paper in tip top condition.

Simply cut through and open up the cardboard inner of a toilet roll and wrap it in aluminium foil. When released, it should spring back into a cylinder shape that is perfect to put around your half used rolls of wrapping paper; keeping them neat and tidy and ready for your next wrap-a-thon.

Get to grips with your sticky tape.

We’re pretty confident that half of the time spent on wrapping gifts at Christmas is wasted finding the end of your sticky tape.

Who’d have thought a single penny could signal the end of your sticky tape woes. Each time you go to put your tape down, simply stick a penny on the end, leaving it easy to find the next time you need it.

It’s all about the ribbons.

We’re so ho ho organised this year. If you’re a creative wrapper that likes to use lots of ribbons, For this gem of an idea is for you. All you’ll need is a peg basked with holes down the side.

Fill the basket with your favourite rolls of ribbon and simply pull the ends through the holes in the basket. Then you’re free to pull and cut to your hearts content.

Don’t break your baubles.

Finally, keep your baubles safe and sound for years to come by storing them in your old egg cartons.


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