How to win at being a student…



Check out our fun #EdenHacks we created especially for you on how to ace at being a student!

 Create a tasty study aid

We all struggle with concentration from time to time, so when you’re studying a particularly tricky piece of text, simply add one of your favourite sweets to the page at the end of every section. You’ll whizz through your reading safe in the knowledge there’s a tasty treat in store.


Create a handy space saver

No longer struggle with your ever-increasing collection of clothes and your minuscule wardrobe. Double up your hangers by removing the ring pull from your favourite fizzy drink (mind those pinkies), thread onto the neck of the first hanger and add a second hanger to the other end.


Create a cable saver

Ahhhh! Is it just us? Or do charging cables always stop working when you need them most. Increase the lifespan of this delicate but essential piece of tech by removing the spring from an old retractable ballpoint pen and thread onto your cable; push it to the end to save the fragile connection.



Create a simple speaker

Phone speaker not punchy enough for you? While this quick and easy tip might not be enough to power your late night dance party, it’s a perfect solution to boost the bass and volume of your puny mobile output while sharing a glass of wine or two with your besties.

Simply stand your phone, speaker down, in an empty glass, play your favourite track and be amazed at the results.



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