Everyone loves a cheeky Nando’s!


Nando’s is a firm favourite for hangs with friends, date nights and everything in between but how does it fair with families who have small children? The King Family put Nando’s to the test with their fussy five-year-old and one and a half-year-old girls.

Mummy King comments “We usually have our go-to places to eat with the kids. We know what they like and will eat so we don’t tend to change it up to avoid the dramas! Finding something that is nutritious and that they will enjoy can often be a challenge but we were super impressed with Nando’s. They a have a great kid-friendly menu with so many options that we were spoilt for choice! And we were spoilt too as we LOVE Nando’s!”

Great meals for children under 10

The little ones can choose a main, two dino sides and a dessert! Plus, they’ve got great dishes for even the littlest ones, like sweet potato & butternut squash mash or corn on the cob.

Keep your Nandinos busy

Waiting for food to arrive doesn’t have to be a boring!


Everyone loves a cheeky Nandos

Today’s chosen dino meal: Chicken Burger, garlic bread Corn on the cob! Just like the regular chicken burger but more cutely sized for the little ones! (They’ll definitely be full after this!)

Everyone loves a cheeky Nando's

Little Roisin made light work of this corn on the cob.

Everyone loves a cheeky Nandos

Even the smaller ones aren’t left out from this feasting. Baby Ide was a big fan of the hummus.

Everyone loves a cheeky Nandos

There’s always room for a pudding with a Chilly Billy Lolly.

Everone loves a cheeky Nandos

Sweet and creamy, the sweet potato mash always goes over well with the little ones!

Everyone loves a cheeky Nando's

For the grown-ups…

Wing Roulette

For risk takers only! It’s anybody’s guess which marinade you’ll get! Get ready to live a little dangerously. Can you handle the heat?

Everyone loves a cheeky Nandos


Fino Pitta

If you’re a picky adult, Nando’s Fino Pitta is sure to please! Sweet caramelised onions, salty halloumi and your choice of marinade (we usually go for extra hot), this item has become our favourite Nando’s dish! Add a dash of lettuce for a guilt free, protein-packed lunch!

Everyone loves a cheeky Nandos

Fillet Steak and Chargrilled Veg wrap

We want you to have beef with us! While Nando’s is known for its spicy chicken dishes, you won’t be disappointed with this wrap. Pick your level of heat and get ready for an explosion of flavour with tender flamed grilled steak. Grilled veggies make this hearty wrap the lunch of champions!

Everyone loves a cheeky Nandos

Bottomless Frozen Yogurt

We all know that any Nando’s meal will fill you right up, but what’s the point of eating a good meal if you can can’t wash it down with a sweet dessert? Baby Ide agrees!

Everyone loves a cheeky Nandos


Trust Nando’s to make lunchtime an enjoyable and satisfying experience for all! With fun dishes and a great family-friendly environment, picky kids and adults are sure to leave satisfied!