3 Homely and Delicious restaurants!

At Eden

Going out for meals is such good fun! Not only because the food is crazy delicious but because I enjoy the general vibes of restaurants. I LOVE knowing that after work, I have lunch plans made or that in the evening I have an excuse to dress up for dinner. It’s nice to be with your friends, picking the food off the menu, ordering your drinks and knowing that there’ll probably be a lot of laughs around the table.

Frankie & Benny’s is an American Italian restaurant that I have been eating at since I was small enough to be allowed to order the kids menu. The restaurant décor is very retro and it feels so homely inside. I last ate at Frankie and Benny’s a few weeks ago when I felt like I deserved a fancy 3 course meal for doing absolutely nothing.
I ordered dough balls as a starter which were so soft and warm and came with the cutest little bowls of garlic butter and cheese dip. Even the presentation of the food looked so good! I had a massive margarita pizza for the main which is delicious if you’re strangely addicted to cheese like I am… And for dessert I had profiteroles with a creamy vanilla filling and hot sauce drizzled over the top. Yummy! Right?

Strangely enough, as you can see I ordered the same meal at Pizza Express, while my friends told me off for always buying the same meal. But honestly dough balls and pizza are two of my favourite things in the world! I love that you can see the chefs making your meals from behind their counter while you’re sat in your seat. For some reason it makes waiting for your food all the more exciting. Also, a small note- I couldn’t help but notice how good the Pepsi and lemon tasted.


To everyone’s surprise, I hadn’t been to Nandos until fairly recently. But once I did I beat myself up about not having gone earlier. Obviously I was feeling daring this day because I had olives as a small starter which I’d never tried before but for the record, loved. For a main I had a burger with hot sauce, chips and the best halloumi cheese I have EVER TASTED! The prices were extremely affordable and there’s such a variety of foods to choose from. The PERI-Ometer on the side of the menu made me laugh freakishly hard but it was a fun and tasty experience. I will definitely be going back. nandos11

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