How to make your salon blowdry last longer

By Eden

A blowdry can do wonders to dull lifeless hair. It doesn’t take complicated styling to look fabulous every day, you can leave the salon looking amazing with added body and movement after just having a blowdry! And believe it or not a blowdry can last up to a week if you know how to maintain it at home!

So for all you Blowdry Junkies our local Rush salon expert shows you how to get the most out of your blowdry and make it last! Book your next appointment today at Rush


Dry Shampoo

Don’t wait until your hair starts to get greasy to start using your dry shampoo, apply to your roots immediately after your blowdry as a layer of moisture protection. Using a dry shampoo throughout your blowdry can really help to absorb moisture, especially after heavy activity. Everyone’s raving about the Rush Salon Dry Survive & Revive Shampoo available on our online store Shop Rush.


Silky pillow or scarf

Not only will you have an amazing nights rest but your hair will love it. A silky pillow or silky hair scarf case will help to reduce friction and frizz and maintain shine!


Top knot for bed

Gently tie your hair into a loose top bun!  It may seem uncomfortable but it really isn’t, just make sure to keep it loose. This way when you move around in bed or sleep on your side your hair is out of the way and your ends tucked in. Use clips instead of elastic bands, as they can dent the hair and leave unsightly bands.


Add shine to your ends

Using oil is essential for conditioning your tresses after a blowdry.Morrocanoil Treatment Light is perfect for keeping your hair moisturised without weighing it down. Plus your ends will feel soft and look shiny, almost like you’ve just stepped out of the salon! Apply on dry hair to tame flyaways or condition split ends.


Be prepared for wet weather

After your blowdry always make sure to have a clip in your bag to a quick pin up in case it starts to rain. This way your ends will not be exposed to the moisture and you’ll continue to look amazing.


Working out?

Staying away from physical activity will be a plus to maintaining your look. If you are getting ready for an exercise session make sure to use a sweat absorbent headband to absorb the moisture.