How to Style Print Shirts


Print shirts are everywhere now, whether it’s online, in every shop on the high street and when you’re on a night out. It’s a wardrobe essential this autumn/winter.

Styling a print shirt can be a scary thing, the bright, bold colours and patterns can be a hard thing to style together with something.

However, with these three rules you can be the style guru who people look to be.

Layer It Up

Now we’re getting into AW and it’s getting cooler; night outs won’t be a t-shirt only evening. Look no further than the print shirts, style this right and you’re gonna be the guy everyone’s looking at.

Team these print shirts up with a t-shirt and a denim jacket to make this outfit stand out.

Tuck It In

Tucking shirts in may remind you of your 50-year-old dads fashion sense; however, its coming back, and it can look great.

Whether it’s half in or fully tucked, both will make you go from a 3/10 straight to 8/10.

How are you going to style yours?

Don’t be afraid to clash

It may sound hard, however if you get it right it’ll look great.

Dad style is now becoming trendy – you don’t need to spend a single penny, just go into your dad’s wardrobe,

Jk.  Head online at or come into your local Topman for a range of print shirts 🙂