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Are you a member of Good Reads?

If yes, then the chances are you have signed up to a reading challenge. I’m on track for the number of books I’ve planned to read this year, but I need to get a shuffle on to make sure the latter part of the year is as reading filled as the first, as it’s easy to get distracted. Who am I kidding? The only thing that distracts me from a book, is another book…


I’ve been thinking about challenges for reading and having seen a load on Facebook, I’ve googled it and scores come up, including images as well as sites. They are endlessly fascinating for the book buff. The 50 books you must read before you die (who says so!). The 10 books Bill Gates recommends if you want to get as rich as him (if only it were that easy I’d be a gazilionaire or such). The 10 books that will change your mind set (how do you know?).

I love other people’s reading lists as well. Shortly after David Bowie died they published his extensive recommendations and recently we’ve seen what Barack Obama will read this summer (easy to see he’s winding down in his presidency given the lightweight choices compared to previous years).

bowie-2 is a website to lose yourself on for hours as you try to get a good ‘score’ on the various lists. There are the obvious lists but also some unusual ones like the “books you’ll never brag about reading” list, and “22 books you pretend to have read but actually haven’t”. On the list that says “The BBC thinks you’ve only read 6 of these books”, I’ve read 19. What about you? Do you like these sort of challenges? I find them amusing but they don’t change my habits.

Although I’m now looking at and who could resist an offer like that!

Good reads website Рhere