Magical Moringa Primer, the best kept secret of 2018!


Magical Moringa Primer – the best kept secret of 2018!

Produced from the moringa tree, it is not only edible but so incredibly nutritious that it is regarded as a super food! For decades, communities farming this plant have applied the oil to their skin and benefited from the soothing, softening action of moringa.

Lush’s moringa oil comes from the Ghana Permaculture Institute and is also one of the SLush Fund (Sustainable Lush Fund) projects, an initiative to develop supportive partnerships with farming communities around the world, encouraging the use of permaculture farming techniques. The Ghana Permaculture Institute produces a high quality, sustainably grown ingredient whilst ensuring the farmers have enough surplus to make and sell moringa cosmetics locally. In this way, they can build alternative means of income and improve their financial security.

The moringa that is pressed to produce a light and antioxidant-rich oil, goes into Lush’s Magical Moringa primer (£25.95/ 55g)  Invented by Lush Co-founder and Product Inventor, Rowena Bird, this exotically-charged pot of loveliness softens and primes the face at the same time.

Magical Moringa also holds your foundation in place, making it longer lasting. Its beautiful mattifying effect on skin is perfect for guys or gals.  Despite how light and smooth Magical Moringa feels, this globetrotting concoction is packed full of balancing oils and soothing butters to feed the skin. Each pot is composed of argan, moringa, rose hip, ylang ylang, vetivert and sandalwood oils, as well as creamy Fair Trade and organic cocoa butter, smoothing organic shea butter and silky corn flour.