New YO! Sushi Summer Menu


And a sparkly new refurbishment!

Eden’s marketing girls were lucky enough to sample some of YO! Sushi amazing new summer menu.
YO! is all about fresh, furiously flavoursome authentic Japanese street food and sushi. Sushi may be at the heart of what they do but they also have a spectacular range of street food, from traditional classics to innovative fusion dishes designed by their Executive Chef and his team.

Here are the top 7 NEW dishes that you MUST try:

1. NEW! Furikake Fries
Japanese style fries coated in sriracha mayo and sprinkled with yuzu furikake, sesame, aonori and smoky bonito flakes……these fries are packed full of flavour!

2. NEW! Chicken Katsu Sando
Crispy fried chicken thigh sandwiched in soft white bread, smothered with tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mustard. This classic Japanese sandwich is usually tough to find outside of japan but you are in luck! £4.60


3. NEW! Pork Teriyaki
Delicious thinly sliced pork belly served with an egg. 

4. NEW! Osaka Style Squid £4.60
Our favourite Spicy Pepper Squid topped with bonito flakes, aonori, beni shoga, mayo and tonkatsu….YUM! This was a real winner of a dish

5. NEW! Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese £6.00
Cream cheese and cucumber wraped in smoked salmon. SOO simnply but oh so good!

YO! Sushi’s furiously flavoursome street food and sushi is just bursting with shinsen – that’s Japanese for fresh! You can catch YO! and so much more this Saturday at our food fair.