Spy – Out Now

Spy-Poster-May-2015 OPT

So it’s not James Bond, Jason Bourne or Ethan Hunt, but a hilarious woman who can apparently kick ass. Melissa McCarthy brings all her cheerful and crass humour to the screen in this year’s action comedy, Spy. For the first twenty minutes it seems that McCarthy’s character Susan Cooper is just a back seat driver but we soon discover she’s got chops. Susan Cooper is an inactive intelligence agent for the CIA; she works at the desk feeding information to Bradley Fine (Jude Law) a top field agent. During a mission that goes wrong Cooper soon finds herself volunteering to go into the field, as the best and only option they dismiss her inexperience and place her on the trail of the wicked criminal Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrnes). McCarthy (and stunt double) performs action scenes Jason Statham himself would be jealous of. It’s a parody of all those under cover bods we love, but this one really packs a punch with some great choreography and serious laugh out loud moments. Director and writer Paul Feig (Bridesmaids and The Heat) has written some fantastic quips, brilliantly performed from the cast as they throw back and forth hilariously coarse vocabulary.


Spy has a surprisingly large British cast including Jude Law, who does put on a rather unconvincing American accent. Jason Statham on the other hand sticks out with his harsh cockney accent, sitting back from doing the beating, Statham plays the fool splendidly and he is genuinely funny. Miranda Hart somehow fell into this movie, but if you didn’t know this was a parody, you soon will with her giddy performance. Australian actress Rose Byrnes delivers some brilliant banter as the steely villainess. It does have moments of awkward, overly slap stick and cheap gags, but overall it’s an enjoyable ride with a brilliant ensemble of actors/actresses who know how to deliver with great comedic timing.