The 12 Essentials of Fitness and Nutrition

By Eden

At Anytime Fitness, we have carefully developed the 12 Essentials of Fitness & Nutrition to ensure that no matter what your goal, whether it’s weight loss, muscle building, maintaining general health and fitness or improving sports performance, you can see results.


Essential 1 – Combine cardio & resistance

It’s important to combine both cardio and resistance work. The fear amongst some is that by working out with weights they will become “muscular”. Myth busted. It will simply help you to more effectively burn calories and lose weight. The balance of cardio and resistance will vary slightly based on age, gender and end goal, but one thing’s for sure – you need both.


Essential 2 – Full body workout

Your goals will be realised far sooner if you work your whole body moderately before focusing on a particular area. Four simple exercises using the large muscle groups of the chest, back, thighs and abdominals would do the trick.


Essential 3 – Control: Quality not quantity

Resistance training isn’t about how much you can lift, it’s about how you lift it. It’s all about control. The better you can control your muscles to hold form, the better your workout is for you. Higher weights does not always equal better results.


Essential 4 – Anytime is better than no time

The workout you do is always better than the one you don’t. Even if you can only squeeze in 30 minutes before work or 20 minutes after dropping the kids off, it’s about making the commitment to train.


Essential 5 – Eat your vegetables

Whilst it may pain you to do as your mother told you, it makes absolute sense. Your plate should be around 50% vegetables. Whether you eat them cooked or not doesn’t matter, but try to eat more of the veggies that can be eaten raw.


Essential 6 – Be a protein pro

Protein should be a part of every meal. Protein not only helps the body to build and repair tissue but it enables your body to produce enzymes and hormones. This all contributes to your overall ability to effectively burn calories. Examples: Lean meats like chicken and turkey are a great source of protein. For those not so keen, seafood is a great source and is rich in omega 3 and iron. Veggies fear not, there are plenty of ways you can get protein into your diet too with peas, quinoa, nuts, beans and tofu, to name a few!


Essential 7 – Starch – make the right choices

Try to avoid starchy foods such as white potatoes, bread, white pasta and white rice. When making a choice about adding a starchy food to your diet, try to aim for brown varieties or sweet potatoes as they have more nutritional value. It’s important to remember that the enzymes in your body turn starch into sugar. When the body can’t effectively burn the sugar produced, it is stored as fat.


Essential 8 – Fat doesn’t make you fat

The right sort of fats, i.e. the types found naturally in olive, sunflower and sesame oils, nuts, avocadoes, and fish, are used by your body to effectively transport nutrients and maintain and improve metabolic rate. It’s the saturated and trans fats found in items like cookies, cakes, breads and butter alternatives that should be avoided.


Essential 9 – Not all fruits are created equal

Eating fruit has lots of benefits, however, it’s all about portion control. If you want to lower your sugar intake, then low fructose fruits such as berries and citrus fruits are the way to go. High fructose fruits include apples, pears and mango.


Essential 10 – The less ingredients the better

Processed foods tend to have a lot of ingredients, especially the kind that no one can pronounce. Due to the lack of natural ingredients and artificial preparation, processed foods “clog” the way the body sends messages to the brain, therefore hindering the body’s fat burning system.


Essential 11 – Sweet choices

The fastest way to gain fat and damage your health is through consuming too many sugars and sweeteners. Put simply, it is unnatural for humans to eat and drink so much sugar. Our ancestors would never have had access to the amount of sugar we do, and our bodies have not evolved fast enough to effectively process this.


Essential 12 – Heal, don’t hurt, your body

Look after your body and your body will look after you. Don’t stress it, strain it or put bad things into it if you can help it. Focus on healing muscles, not tearing them, fuelling your body, not depriving it. Not only will you get the results you want, you’ll feel much better for it too.

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