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Hands up who is tired of their current hair colour? Are you also unsure of what colour to go for?  Well, lucky for you we are going to give you a run down for 2016 top 5 hair colour trends. If that isn’t enough, we are going to give you 50% off Colour & Highlights (T&C apply) and a FREE hair consultation so you can treat yourself guilt free!  I know it feels like Christmas all over again, you’re welcome.

HAIR COLOUR TREND NO.1: Silver aka Grey

This is the hottest trend to hit celebville and the catwalk, its perfect for both women and men. The trend has been described as the new blonde and has the likes of Ellie Golding and Rihanna to Zayn Malik all experimenting with this latest trend. Whether you are a natural grey and want to give your hair a bit of a lift with a modern twist, or a light blonde who wants an alternative to platinum…  Even you brunettes can get in on the action, it will actually make your hair more eye catching with a hint at the tips, or leaving a dark root.

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HAIR COLOUR TREND NO. 2: Fresh Highlights

Not quite brave enough to go for a bold colour all over? Don’t fear why not follow in Miranda Kerr’s footsteps and opt for some babylights. These fine highlights will give your hair a soft natural look, or alternatively why not go for a subtle balayage from the jaw down for the softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. Balayage pretty much works for all lengths of hair except very short cropped hair.



Do you remember the Bronde phase of 2015? Well that is so last year! Ladies and gentlemen welcome the 2016 version, Ronze (red + bronze). May the battle of the hair colours commence!  This versatile look will work with any complexion. Those of you that have fair skin make sure you ask for a more copper base like Emma Stone, and those of you that have olive/darker skin make sure you get some warm red highlights like Queen B Beyoncé.

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Already have dark hair and want a slight change but nothing too drastic? Blue/Black is a must have hair colour. Take the plunge like Katy Perry and Demi Lovato and turn your hair into soft black with a dark blue undertone. The blue/black hair colour looks fantastic on long and short hair but unlike Ronze it’s not suitable for every complexion. Make sure you book your FREE Colour Consultation to ensure this shade will suit you.

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HAIR COLOUR TREND NO. 5: Rainbow Dip Dye

With this trend, how bright you take these colours is completely up to you. You can go bold like Nicki Minaj or take two trends in one like Orange is the New Black star, Dascha Polanco and Lady Gaga mixing rainbow dip dye and silver trends.

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