Trend Talk


The sun has finally shown it’s face within the past month, and has happily brought along some warmth with that too. It finally feels like Spring Summer 2017 is here, which only means it’s time for new trends to appear.

Embroidery has hit both the high street and the designers like a floral April shower. Of course this means that Topshop have got on board with it too. From shirts to shoes we’ve got every style in stock, including endless amounts of denim pieces. Denim and florals in Spring, not to quote Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ too much, but GROUNDBREAKING. It’s a staple for every girl.

Denim days, we love them. But even more when they are embroidered with flowers, making us feel like that lush time of year we love is here. Our collection of skirts, shorts and jeans are so varied that you’ll want them all. With the choice of both blue and black denim they go perfectly with everything, even when you’re feeling brave and want to work that double embroidery. Pack one of our denim skirts for your holiday and you’ll look right on trend!

There’s nothing better than a classic white shirt, unless it’s a classic white shirt covered in embroidered flowers. This piece is one of our staples and is loved by our staff too; thanks for sharing your style Amie, we can’t get over how dreamy it is! If you’re feeling like you need to inject a bit of black into your look we’ve got the bardot of bardots, covered in dainty little colourful flowers it pairs perfectly with a beloved pair of Topshop white jeans. Of course Topshop couldn’t forget about the gingham trend and have obviously worked the styles together, would you expect any less?!

If you want to test the water with a more subtle embroidered look, make sureyou visit our accessories department. With it creeping on to both bags and shoes, there are endless ways to style this Spring Summer trend. These accessories can brighten up any simple outfit!