Winter at Wagamama’s

By Amber Parris

As the temperature drops and the nights draw in – here at Eden all we can think about is food, and where better to get flavoursome, healthy, warming dishes than Wagamama’s!

I don’t know about you but my skin is feeling really dry now that the seasonal change is well underway. So, I decided to try the Positive and Repair juices. WOW! These were a taste bud tantaliser – I must say for a girl that’s not jumped on the kale hype I was a little unsure how I would enjoy the Repair combo. However, from the first to last sip, it was thoroughly enjoyable and didn’t taste like kale- result! Please find the full list of ingredients below.

With loads of choices on the menu, I opted for a mere few to try as you will see!

I started with selection of steamed buns – which I have to say give Bao a run for their money. I tried a meat and a vegetarian option. Both of which were absolutely divine; a dense, yet fluffy bun with melt in the mouth fillings. Coupled with a staple in the Eden office, Bang Bang Cauliflower! (I’ve never know cauliflower to taste so good!)

Seasoned crispy chicken & fresh tomato

Mixed mushroom and panko aubergine

I’m one of those ‘safe’ eaters who never really strays far from the favourite dish on the menu. However, this time I pushed the boat out and decided to try the two NEW editions on the menu and I was not disappointed.

First up was the vegan Kare Burosu Ramen, as a ramen virgin I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after tasting the warm coconut curry soup with udon noodles (now my favourite noodle!), shichimi-coated silken tofu with mixed mushrooms and vegetables I am a fully-fledged ramen convert! This dish was phenomenal and one I would highly recommend. If you’re not a chilli lover – just let your server know and Wagamama’s will accommodate.

Compared to any other chain restaurant Wagamama’s has the best range of vegetarian and vegan food going – I absolutely loved the separate menu.

Next up was another NEW dish, Tontatsu. Similar to the Katsu Curry we have come to know and love but so much better!

The tender pork belly was displayed on a bed of rice, topped with a mixed salad garnish with extra tomatoes and edamame beans and drizzled with a BBQ soy sauce. It doesn’t get much better than this! Needless to say I manged to finish this dish in record time.
And for good old times sake – I just had to order Yaki Soba – a firm favourite

AS IF I had room for desert – but I did! Always manage to find a space tucked away!

I had an incredible selection to choose from which made it very difficult to decide on which three to pick. I choice deserts that I normally wouldn’t think to go for (chocolate lover through and through) and went with the coconut and fig cheesecake, spiced mango and coconut parfait and pink guava and passionfruit sorbet.

The best things come in threes and these deserts were incredible! If I hadn’t eaten so much at the start of the meal, I almost certainly would have finished all three. If I had to pick one for you to try though, it would have to be the sorbet. A perfect palette cleanser and fantastically light to finish your meal.

Juice ingredients:

Positive- Pineapple, lime spinach, cucumber and apple

Repair – kale, apple, lime and pear