YO! Sushi


Welcome to Tokyo

It’s Friday mid-morning, and myself Vanessa (Eden’s Marketing Assistant), and Niamh (Marketing Manager) are eagerly waiting for the clock to hit 1 pm so we can run up the stairs and eat the highly anticipated new YO! Sushi menu.  We had deliberately eaten a smaller breakfast as so we could thoroughly enjoy a guilt free BIG lunch at Yo! Sushi. Once seated in the comfortable booth, we decided to let the pros do the ordering for us, especially because we are both not regular sushi eaters and needed their expert advice. The first dish off the belt was a delicious Kimchi Ika, which is poached squid with pickled spicy kimchi vegetables served cold. This dish is full of zingy flavour with a little bit of a kick.  Next was the Chicken Yakisoba, which was quote ‘a real winner’ in Niamh’s books. It was slightly sweet tasting with scatterings of chicken.
When eating/ordering at YO! Sushi our best advice is to think of it like the traditional Spanish tapas (lots of small dishes to share). This way it means you get to try lots of different dishes including classics like chilli squid which was honestly the best around or something a bit different to your usual orders like Chazuke which is a fish lover’s paradise.
SO by this stage, we were getting quite full, but there was no way we were going to leave without trying the amazing NEW Dynamite roll. These four little nori rolls are filled with salmon, avocado topped with the most delicious combination sauce of siriracha, mayo and chilli oil YUM! This dish was recommended by the YO! Sushi manager Ben. It was my favourite of the day too.
The other stand out dishes of the day was the chicken Goya, these little pan fried dumplings are filled with chicken and vegetables and are served with an incredible soy vinegar dipping sauce. The Ebi fry prawn was super crispy but light and fluffy in the middle with a drizzle of tonkatsu sauce. The Hotate Katsu are a Japanese scallop coated in panko breadcrumbs with my personal fave creamy wasabi dip, exceptional!  If you’re into the classic sweet and salty flavours then the Pork Belly is a must try, the sauce is full of flavour.
Now for dessert! We were definitely struggling at this point to fit anymore food in but when you read sweet rice balls filled with chocolate ganache and rice balls filled with strawberry cheesecake you have to say yes. This was our first time trying the Mochi dessert, so instinctively I placed the whole rice ball in my mouth at once. We dare you not to laugh when doing this, it’s actually hilarious to eat! The sticky rice texture fills your mouth and it’s almost impossible to talk. Check out the videos below of Niamh attempting the “Mochi challenge”, LOL!




You can find Yo! Sushi next to the cinema. Check out their menu online and special offers http://yosushi.com/