Lush Celebrates 30 Years of the Bath Bomb

30 years ago, in a little garden shed in the south of England, Lush co-founder Mo Constantine created the bath bomb: an invention so iconic, it’s changed the way we bathe forever.

The aim was to create something that would turn an
ordinary bath into a luxurious event without irritating delicate skin.

Image: Mo Constantine, Co-founder of Lush & Product Inventor

It’s fair to say that, since then, the bath bomb has been on quite a journey. Over the years, Mo and her son Jack have, together, experimented, invented and pushed the bathing boundaries like never before.

Today bath bombs have become a form of artistic expression.  Aside from exploding into a fizzing visual spectacle that’s inspired a global #bathart movement, bath bombs
continue to treat the skin to an abundance of rich butters and oils and create a unique ambience in your bathroom through fragrance and colour. Each is bursting with exquisite essential oils, which can boost the wellbeing of both mind and body.

To celebrate three decades of sparking joy with fun, fizzing baths Lush have unleashed THEIR BIGGEST BATH BOMB LAUNCH EVER! Today, a whopping 54 new bath bombs (all vegan and handmade) have launched, some of which are completely new inventions with unique experiences to discover, while others feature fan fave scents and blasts from the Lush past.

Watch this space for more bath bomb celebrations coming throughout the year! Follow all the happenings and stay in the loop on #WeTheBathers