Lush Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s for your partner, crush, bff, or the greatest love of all (you!), the 2020 Lush Valentine’s range has something to tickle everyone’s fancy. It’s sure to be love at first sight…

You can get your hands on their Valentine’s products, featuring a range of Bath Bombs,  Soaps, and Gifting.

Aubergine Bath Bomb, £4.95

Feeling fruity? Here’s a tip! After swiping right, the easiest way to express our feelings is with the power of an emoji. When you need something that really hits the spot, pop this sweet and zingy bath bomb into the water and enjoy a steamy soak in deep purple waters.

Love Boat Bath Bomb, £4.50

All aboard – we’ve been expecting you! The love boat promises something for everyone with the tangy sherbet scent of orange and Sicilian lemon. Release waves of vibrant colour into your bath and swathes of glittering hearts. If you’ve been feeling dinghy, this beautiful boat will get you ship-shape in no time.

Peachy Soap, £7.00

Now this is a soap you can get behind. Brand spanking new product and absolutely dripping in peach, grapefruit and davana, a lather with this soap with leave you feeling sweet and cheeky. Go on, check out what all the fuzz is about.

The Lush Gifts team always strive to introduce the most environmental materials to add excitement and fun into the customer experience of choosing a gift. When you buy a Lush gift, you’re having a positive impact on the world – you’re supporting communities and artisans who’ve made the Knot Wraps, ribbons and natural papers; and you’re buying products with beautiful ingredients that won’t cost the earth.

Peachy Gift, £13.00

What better way to tell someone that they’re a peach than with this cheeky little gift. Leave them blushing with this duo of juicy bath products sure to make them feel fresh and fruity. Swirls of colour and blissful bubbles are ready to be harvested with the fragrance of zingy grapefruit, fruity davana and woody tagetes oil.