Christmas Crafts for Kids


We’ve really missed welcoming your little explorers to Eden Kids Club in 2020 and seeing all the amazing quirky crafts created at our events. So Lillie, Kids Club head guide, who can’t wait to see you all next year, has done a fun festive craft video to keep your little ones entertained during the holiday season.

Watch our short video on how to make your own party hats using items leftover from the Christmas celebrations.

Keep scrolling after the video for the party hats step-by-step guide PLUS a bonus feature on making a Gift Wrap Collage!

We would love to see your hats and collages so please tag us on social media! Happy Christmas Eden Explorers.


What you need

Coloured card or white card with pens
String/ Elastic/ Ribbon
Decorative items- wrapping paper/ festive bows/ pipe cleaners/ gems/ flowers- anything you can find!
Sticky tape


1. Fold your piece of card around to form a cone then with adult supervision secure the overlapping card in place as Lillie does in the video.
2. With adult supervision cut off the excess card to leave the cone hat with flat edges to sit on the surface of a table.
3. Secure a piece of string/ elastic or ribbon by using sticky tape on the inside of the hat each side- this will go under your chin and so keep your lovely hat in place!
4. Now your hat is almost complete, you can decorate it with any item you want. You can scrunch up ripped wrapping paper, use gift boys, colour it in, add ribbon, the choice is yours!


What you need

Glue stick ideally or PVA Glue
Card – any size or even cut from a cereal box
Perhaps a pen or pencil
A frame if you wish
String if you wish to make a decoration


1. Cut pieces of Gift Wrap into small squares or scrunch them up into small balls of Gift wrap.
2. On your piece of card- you can either draw a shape which you will fill or you can cut out with adult supervision a shape such as your initial. This can even be from a cereal or toy box!
3. Use the glue to cover your card and then start to add the small pieces of Gift Wrap overlapping the pieces or if you are using scrunches of Gift Wrap just simply sticking them all on the card close together.
4.Hey Presto your Collage is complete and you can pop this in your bedroom or anywhere else in the house for a year round reminded of the joys of Christmas! You can make decorations for the Tree for 2021, a collage that can be framed, the choice is yours!