Kids Craft Hacks

By Amber Parris

Petrifying Pencil Holders

Here’s something truly unique to keep the kids busy while we’re all staying home.

To transform your old shampoo bottles into petrifying pencil holders you will need:

· A cutting mat
· Scissors
· Decorative tape
· Glue
· A sharp knife (kids, you’ll need your parents for this bit)
· A marker pen
· Foam shapes and googly eyes
· An empty shampoo bottle


Take the labels off your shampoo bottle and mark horizontally around the top with the marker pen – about a fifth of the way down should do it. Cut around the line using the sharp knife; remove and recycle the top.

With the scissors, cut zig zag style hair around the top of the remaining bottle.

Using scissors cut monster faces out of the foam shapes and glue them to the bottle. Add the googly eyes and use the decorative tape to make a cool headband.

Stand up and fill with your favourite pens.

Petrifying pencil holders – done!