Storytime Saturdays

Storytime Saturdays

Embark on a magical journey with 'Storytime Saturdays' this September! From a Bug Safari to saving the planet, and a wild Jungle adventure, each event immerses little ones in captivating stories.

Storytime Saturdays

This September, we brought you ‘Storytime Saturdays’, a series of spectacular storytelling events on Saturday 9th, 16th and 23rd.

Each event took little ones on a magical journey where they were  able to see the world through the eyes of a bug, learn the importance of kindness to the environment and explore the Jungle of Eden.

Saturday 9th September – Mr Chirrups Global Bug Safari

(2x 45 minutes performances at 11am & 2pm)

Roll up, roll up! For the first chapter of our storytime adventure, children will take a seat in front of our giant magical peach and will be joined by Mr Chirrup on his Global Bug Safari!

The performance will consist of a collection of old stories, songs and facts about insects and their relationship with humans.

You’ll also be able to see imaginations shine as they get to decide where in the world the Bug Safari goes!

This show will have children thoroughly entertained, bringing insects to life to educate them on the useful services they provide to humans and the environment such as keeping pest insects in check, pollinating crops we rely on as food, and acting as sanitation experts, cleaning up waste so that the world doesn’t become overrun with dung.

Saturday 16th September – Squirrel Walnutkins Saves the Planet

(2x 45 minutes performances at 11am & 2pm)

For the next adventure, children will meet their new furry friend, Squirrel Walnutkins, and help him in his quest to save the planet!

Squirrel Walnutkins used to live in a lovely park that was a haven for wildlife and people; but sadly, it’s not so lovely anymore…

They’ll learn all about the impact on Squirrel Walnutkins’ home as rubbish starts to pile up and pollution gets worse. Sadly for him, this means the nuts are getting harder to find! So, he decided something needs to be done, and with the help of Squirrel Walnutkins forest friends, they must change things for good!

This interactive performance will take children on a story to learn how important it is to be kind to the environment, as after all, we only have one planet.

Saturday 23rd September – The Jungle of Eden

(3x 25 mins performances at 11am, 1pm & 3pm)

For the final chapter, little explorers will look for the bare necessities as they’re taken on a wild safari adventure with Jungle Jane.

The much-loved story of the Jungle Book will be told by Jungle Jane as she brings the characters and story to life in the Jungle of Eden.

Throughout the story, children will come face to face with two super slithering snakes, a giant Indian Elephant and Louie the lifelike Orangutang, as they learn about the dangers facing our beloved jungle animals and the very real risk of extinction.

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  • 09 Sep 202323 Sep 2023

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