More Sushi Please! – YO! Sushi


More Sushi Please! – YO! Sushi

The Attic at Eden provides great options for leisure and food! We had lunch at YO! Sushi and all we can say is, “More sushi, please!”

Japanese street food has taken the world by storm over the past few years. Not only are there incredible health benefits, but it’s also super fun to eat! Take your pick from one of the many pre-packed dishes on the psychedelic sushi train or watch your hot food prepared in real time as the chefs work their magic right in front of you!

We were treated to some of YO! Sushi’s favourite dishes. Now, if you’re a little hesitant about the raw fish, don’t worry, it doesn’t smell or taste raw. We might even go so far as to say fish may just be our favourite dish!

YO! Roll

This is YO! Sushi’s signature roll! Filled with chunks of tender salmon avocado and mayo…

Health benefit: Fish is a rich source of Omega3 fish oils which, unfortunately, our bodies can’t make.

More Sushi please! YO! Sushi

Kickin’ Salmon

If you like to spice things up, the kickin’ salmon roll is sure to do just that!

Health benefit: Fish is full of iron which has been proven to keep our bodies’ red blood cells and haemoglobin levels in check.

More Sushi Please! - YO! Sushi

Salmon & Avocado Temaki Hand Roll

Fill up on a nori cone filled with rice, fresh salmon, avocado, vegan mayo and toasted sesame seeds!

Health benefit: With no added oil, sushi is a great way of filling up while keeping the fat down and your weight under control.

More Sushi Please! - YO! Sushi

Salmon Sashimi

Thick tender slices of fresh salmon severed with wakame seaweed.

Health benefit: Sushi is a great source of iodine which helps balance thyroid hormones.

More Sushi Please! - YO! Sushi

Spicy Seafood Ramen

Truly a medley for the ages! Prawns, salmon, squid, vegetables and noodles in a warm, soothing broth. This warming ramen bowl gets better with every spoonful. Go large to make it last even longer.

More Sushi Please! - YO! Sushi

If you still haven’t been swayed by the sushi, YO! Also offer a range of cooked Japanese street food that are equally light and satisfying.

Spicy Pepper Squid

Fried to a golden crisp and served with red chillies, this squid is sure to become a quick favourite.

More Sushi Please! - YO! Sushi

Spicy Pepper Cauliflower

Anything fried is good! Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and a kick to top it all off, you’ll be glad you ate your veggies!

More Sushi Please! - YO! Sushi

Bao Burgers

Light steamed bao buns with your chosen filling of teriyaki or katsu chicken or teriyaki mushroom.

More Sushi Please! - YO! Sushi

Korean Fired Chicken

If you think Southern American fried chicken is good, be prepared to have your taste buds shocked! These tender bite sized bits are fried twice and coated in a spicy sweet chili sauce for added crunch and extra flavour!

More Sushi Please! - YO! Sushi

Chocolate Pot

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! This moreish pot of decadent chocolate makes the perfect end to your hot or cold meal. A hint of miso makes this desert uniquely Japanese!

More Sushi Please! - YO! Sushi

Fresh Fruit Plate

Dive into a plate of fresh, tart goodness! If you want to keep things light and simple, fresh fruit makes for the perfect guilt-free dessert. With strawberries, pineapple, grapes, orange and watermelon, this colourful medley won’t leave you bored!

Dorayaki Pancake

Breakfast for dessert? Yes please! Light custard sandwiched between light fluffy Japanese pancakes, served with a fresh raspberry purée.

More Sushi Please! - YO! Sushi

With lots of great healthy choices, we’re sure you’ll be a fan too!