Skiing is Believing (A Beginner’s Guide) – Decathlon for the Win!


Cold wind in your face. The speed. The adrenaline rushing through your body. You’re at the top of the mountain. Literally. Arguably, one of the best things about the cold, skiing can be great, but for the first-time skier, it can also be a little daunting!

All the equipment and special clothes can make your head spin, but have a little faith, Eden won’t leave you out in the cold. We enlisted the help of the experts at Decathlon who were able to take the fear of going down that slope.

1st Layer

First things first! Every house starts off with a good foundation. Make your base layer count with a thermal top and bottom.

Wedze Men’s Underwear Top £8.99

Wedze Men’s Underwear Bottom £8.99

Wedze Women’s Underwear Top £8.99

Wedze Women’s Underwear Bottom £8.99


Pro tip: Always wear a thermal underlayer. Cotton next to the skin won’t keep you warm or dry. 

2nd Layer

Okay, so maybe you’re not out there yet, but there’s no reason you can heat things up (and still look cool) while you lounge.

Unisex Hat £6.49

Sunglasses £ 15.99

Women’s Down Liner Jacket £39.99

Men’s Down Liner Jacket £39.99

Wedze Wool Blend Socks £.9.99

Women’s Boots £29.99

Wedze Wool Blend Socks £.9.99

Men’s Boots £24.99


Pro tip: Some beginners get scared of the cold and double up on socks. One pair will do! Any more and you may get blisters.

 3rd Layer

Now you’re ready to get out there and into the action! Finish off with protective gear to complete the look and seal in the warmth.

Unisex Wedze Helmet £19.99

Unisex Wedze Ski/Snowboard Goggles £27.99

Women’s Wedze Ski Jacket £36.99

Women’s Wedze Ski Pants £39.99

Women’s Wedze Boots £129.99

Women’s Wedze Glove £8.99

Unisex Wedze Helmet £19.99

Unisex Wedze Ski/Snowboard Goggles £29.99

Men’s Wedze Ski Jacket £36.99

Men’s Wedze Ski Pants £59.99

Men’s Wedze Boots £149.99

Men’s Wedze Glove £8.99


Pro tip: Make sure those boots are strapped on tight! In the event of a fall, they may be the only things keeping your ankles in place.


No ski holiday would be complete without the actual skis. Once in store, a friendly member of the team will help you choose and order the right skis for you.

Skin protection

Temperatures might be freezing but you can still get burnt! Make sure to apply sun screen to the face and lip balm to the lips to avoid chapping and burns.

Skin Protection Pack £8.99


So, whether this is your first time or you’re seasoned on the slopes, put your trust in Eden’s Decathlon for all your ski needs. With a wealth of accessories and equipment and friendly and knowledgeable staff, Decathlon is the winner for all you ski supplies. Don’t believe us? Come on down to Eden and see for yourself!

 Pro tip: Have Fun!